Blackhorse Alley, Court, Fleet Street

Blackhorse Alley, Court, Fleet Street
   North out of Fleet Street with a passage east to Fleet Market and Ditch (O.S. 1848-51).
   First mention: In a petition by the inhabitants against the erection of timber houses there 1618. The Lord Mayor, having made enquiry into the matter, found that the projected houses were on former sites, but were larger and more airy, and would greatly improve the alley, which was very close and crowded. A portion only encroaching 12 ft. on ground formerly void he adjudged to be pulled down (L. and P. Ed. VI. etc. IX. p. 553).
   Strype, writing in 1720, described it as nastily kept (I. iii. 277).
   Called "Blackhorse Court" first by Elmes, 1831.
   There was a tenement called "le Blakehors on the hope" in Fleet Street, 19 Rich. II. (H. MSS. Com. 9th Rep. p. 7), and in a deed relating to the tenement was a covenant to make an "ale" called "entre" between two houses.
   Possibly this was the first mention of the "alley," which may have derived its name from this tenement.
   Removed for the formation of Ludgate Circus and St. Bride Street.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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