Poultry Compter

Poultry Compter
   On the north side of the Poultry at No.30 south of Grocers' Hall (Lockie, 1816). In Cheap Ward.
   First mention: " Le counter in le Pultree," 1477 (Ct. H.W. II. 575).
   This was a prison-house in the Poultry belonging to one of the Sheriffs) and as in early times these compters were always spoken of by the names of the Sheriffs to whom they severally appertained at the time, the lateness of date of the first reference is no indication of the date at which the prison was actually in use.
   The regulations and ordinances relating to the Countors are of early date, and as Stow says, this one had been kept and continued there time out of mind, "for I have not read of the original thereof" (S. 265).
   Removed 1815 and the Poultry Chapel erected on part of the site.
   See Compters.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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