New Court

New Court
   1) East out of Angel Alley. In Bishopsgate Ward Without (London Guide, 1758-Elmes, 1831).
   The site is now occupied by Liverpool Street Station and the railway lines.
   2) West out of St. Swithin's Lane at No.6 (P.O. Directory). In Walbrook Ward.
   First mention: Strype, Ed. 1720, I. ii. 200.
   The site seems to be vacant in O. and M. 1677, so that the court had not been long erected in 1720.
   3) East out of Farringdon Street, at No.18, to the London, Chatham and Dover Railway lines (P.O. Directory). In Farringdon Ward Without.
   First mention: Horwood, 1799.
   4) West out of Old Bailey, at No.50, to 19 Fleet Lane, in Farringdon Ward Without (Lockie, 1810).
   In the O.S.1848-51 and 1875 it still leads west out of Old Bailey, but has no passage into Fleet Lane.
   Former name: "Black and White Court" (Leake, 1666, to Elmes, 1831).
   Elmes says that in his time it was generally called "New Court."
   The site seems to have been rebuilt since 1875 and the court removed.
   5) West out of Moor Lane, in Cripplegate Ward Without(Horwood, 1799-O.S.1880).
   In O. and M. 1677, and Rocque, 1746, the site seems to be partly occupied by Seven Star Court (q.v.).
   Site now occupied by offices and business houses.
   6) West out of Little Bell Alley with a passage to Coleman Street Buildings and Great Swan Alley (O.S. 1880).
   First mention: Lockie, 1810.
   Former name: "New Buildings" (Horwood, 1799).
   The site has been rebuilt as offices and chambers.
   7) West of Essex Court, Middle Temple Lane, on the western boundary of and within the Temple precincts (P.O. Directory).
   First mention: Hatton, 1708.
   8) East out of Basinghall Street, between Horse Yard and Shute's Court. In Bassishaw Ward (O. and M. 1677, to Hatton, 1708).
   Not in the later maps.
   Site now occupied by offices and business houses.
   9) West out of Great New Street, in Farringdon Ward Without (Hatton, 1708-Elmes, 1831).
   Site now covered by warehouses and offices.
   10) West out of Whitecross Street and south to Redcross Street, in Cripplegate Ward Without (Horwood, 1799).
   Former names: "Cock Yard" (O. and M. 1677). "Great Cock Alley" (Rocque, 1746).
   Site was occupied by the Debtor's Prison in 1813 and now by the Midland Railway goods offices
   11) Two entrances out of Fore Street, Cripplegate, one at No.122, opposite the church near the north end of Wood Street, and the other at No.87, nearly opposite Aldermanbury Postern (Strype, Ed. 1755-Elmes, 1831).
   Site now occupied by offices and business houses.
   12) West out of Bow Lane at No.4, south of St. Mary le Bow Church (L.C.C. List, 1912). In Cordwainer Ward.
   First mention: O. and M. 1677.
   Strype tells us that when first built, it had a door into the street, which could be shut up at night (Ed. 1720, I. iii. 24). This was the case with many of the small courts and alleys.
   Now rebuilt for business purposes.

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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