Hoop Yard

Hoop Yard
   Tavern on the east side of Fish Street Hill, north of Thames Street. In Bridge Ward Within (Strype, 1720-Rocque, 1746).
   " Hoop Yard" (Lond. Guide, 1758-Boyle, 1799). "Hoop Tavern Passage," 1750 (Wilson, Hist. of St. Laurence Pountney, p. 144).
   The Hoop Tavern is mentioned in 1674 as having existed before the Fire (ib. 147).
   There are not many instances of the "Hoop" being used by itself as a sign in England, although frequently used in conjunction with other signs as "Swan on the Hoop," "Cock on the Hoop," etc.
   It is said in Larwood and Hotten that these names are due to the fact that formerly, instead of being on a painted board, the subject of the sign was carved and hung within a hoop-so the old signs were called "on the Hoop."

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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